Stephanie Buser

Boys 2007

As a coach, I focus on investing, engaging, educating, and preparing players for life, individually and as a team, both on and off the field; helping players have fun to love the game, teaching technical skills, resilience, and respect for all while striving for success, and setting a positive example.

USSF National E

Jonathan Jones Takano

Boys 2004 + Boys 2009

Coming from a multicultural background and speaking several languages, my directive is to encourage and coach all types of players to work together and use their differences as their strengths. I believe that diversity brings strength to a team, not only in soccer, but in life.

USSF National E

AFC C License

Lucas Mattos

Boys 2008 + Girls 2012

I believe in the Brazilian way to play soccer. I let the players use their creativity but at the same time give them tools to do it in a better way. I love to create skillful confident players and watch them thrive!

USSF Grassroots 7v7, 9v9, 11v11

Doug Scharin

Boys 2005

I believe in creating a strong bond between the players with an emphasis on teamwork, mutual respect, dedication, and proper intent. I strive to prepare our players’ bodies and minds for the speed of today's modern game and beyond.

USSF National D

Jose Vargas

Boys 2006 + 2011

USSF National D

Bruno Conteville

Girls 2007 + 2008

I love to make the game fun and keep it simple.  My method focuses on short, sharp passing, looking for triangles. I like to create smart players on the ball who are then able to make their own decisions.  I allow players to express themselves first, then correct them if needed.


USSF National E

Felipe Menezes 

Boys 2008 + Girls 2010 + Boys 2013

I believe in the Brazilian way to play soccer - I let the players use their creativity, and at the same time give them tools to do it most efficiently. I use triangles and switching sides to open space looking for advantage to keep the possession.

Grassroots 7v7, 9v9, 11v11

USSF National E

Kam Muri

Girls 2013

USSF Grassroots 7v7, 9v9, 11v11

Danilo Stefanelli

Boys 2006 + 2007 + 2009

I believe in coaching to the heart behind the jersey and “joga bonito” – to play beautifully. My goal is to develop great human beings through discipline, respect, and teamwork using a “3-D” approach. 1. Fundamentals (Body), 2. Psychology (Mind), 3. Heart (Holism)

USSF National E

Katie Anderson

Executive Administrator

As the Club's Executive Administrator, I am responsible for making sure your team has all the organizational support it needs including managerial support, registration paperwork, uniforms, fundraising, player cards, spirit wear, and much more. Please reach out to me anytime.

Mike Corke

Mental Health Services

As players work to improve their skills, they must learn discipline, communication, hard work, and how to compete. I want to teach them how to win gracefully, learn from losses, celebrate one another, and contribute to something larger than themselves.

Masters Degree in Sports Psychology

USSF National E

Lucas Knopf

Girls 2006 + Boys 2010

I focus on technique and cognition, asking players questions about what can be done all the time. I encourage them to think strategically about the game and the effectiveness of their actions.

USSF National E

Sam Neuhauser

Boys 2010

I believe in helping players develop the traits needed to become a well-rounded athlete. With a Military background, I help bring a different dynamic to the field, focusing on the foundations of being a successful athlete.

USSF Grassroots 7v7, 9v9, 11v11

Max Tsyplyakov

Girls 2008 + 2010

I believe in prioritizing the players and their development in fun, yet challenging environment  to foster creativity, intelligence, and problem solving. I place great emphasis on teamwork, responsibility, technique, discipline, learning, trust, and respect. 

USSF National D

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