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My methodology has been evolving over several family generations through study, dedication, and passion for the game. I believe in soccer from the heart, soccer as a family, and soccer for the community.

I come from a long line of successful professional players and coaches who have earned a World Cup Champion, Captain of the Olympic Team, Copa America, and numerous other championships in Brazil. Since my teenage years, I have dedicated many hours of time playing semi-pro soccer, Futsal, Footvolley, Beach Soccer, and coaching alongside my dad.


  • USSF National C

  • USSF Level 1

Coaching Experience

  • Head Coach and Director of Futsal North County Matrix

  • Season 2018 B2004 Elite

  • Season 2018 G2006

  • Head Coach Surf Soccer Club, San Diego

  • Season 2013/14 – GU14

  • Season 2014/15 – GU12, GU14

  • Season 2015/16 – G03, G04, G99/98 ECNL composite

  • Season 2017 – B2007 Select, B2004 NPL, G2004 EGSL PDL

  • Assistance Coach – 2015 - 2017 Futsal Show Academy, San Diego


As a coach, I focus on investing, engaging, educating, and preparing players for life, individually and as a team, both on and off the field; helping players have fun to love the game, teaching technical skills, resilience, and respect for all while striving for success (no matter what that looks like), and setting a positive example.


  • USSF National E

Coaching Experience

  • CAL Athletic Speakers Bureau ('90-'94)

  • CAL Youth Camps ('90-'94)

  • Verde & Yomiuri Nippon FC Youth Camps ('96-'97)

  • Hotspurs BU15, BU17 (1 year)

  • RSF Youth Camps (2 years)

  • Surf GU15/GU16 (2 years)

  • Surf Youth Camps (2 years)

  • Nomads GU12/GU13, GU16/GU17 (2 years)

  • Youth Camps (2 years)

  • Private Lessons (5 years)

  • NC Matrix B07 (4 years)


Playing Experience

  • Club ('80-'90)

  • ODP ('86-'90)

  • UC Berkeley (CAL) ('90-'94)

  • USWNT U20 ('92-'93)

  • USWNT training pool ('94-'96)

  • Auto Trader (semi-pro, became SD Sea Lions) 20+ years

  • Yomiuri Nippon FC (professional, Japan) ('96-'97)

  • Women's Open National Championship ('99)

  • World Masters Games - Gold Medalists 2017 - New Zealand

  • WAM (current, formerly Auto Trader: Women’s Open, 30+, 40+)


I love to make the game fun and keep it simple.  My method focuses on short, sharp passing, looking for triangles. I like to create smart players on the ball who are then able to make their own decisions.  I don't joystick players, but allow them to express themselves first and then correct them as need be.

Hometown:  Rio De Janeiro

Favorite Team:  Flamengo 


  • USSF National E

  • Association of Soccer Coaches of Rio de Janeiro - XXIII Course for Soccer Coaches

  • TetraPrep 2014

  • Futsal Courses - Paulo Cardoso (Minas Tenis Clube), Marquinhos Xavier (ACBF / National Brazilian team), Antonio Wagner Freire (Cabo Frio), Andreu Plaza (Barcelona FC)

Coaching Experience

  • Club Flamengo - Futsal Assistant Coach U17

  • ARFAB 2014/2016- Futsal Assistant Coach U15/17

  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 2012/2015 - Futsal Coach

  • TetraBrazil / ChallengerSports 2015/2018 -  Academy Coach in Hi, AZ & C


Playing Experience

  • Federal University Rio de Janeiro - Futsal


As players work to improve their technical skills, they must learn discipline, communication, hard work, and how to compete. I believe in building from the back and establishing a strong defensive shape. I coach deficiencies through focusing on positives and help players move beyond mistakes by keeping them in the game. I instill confidence in players though telling them I believe in them and putting them into situations where they are challenged. I want every player to push their best self to be better and to develop a lifelong love of the game. It teaches them how to win gracefully and how to learn from losses, how to celebrate one another and how to contribute to something larger than themselves.


  • USSF National E

  • Masters Degree in Sports Psychology

Coaching Experience

  • Head Coach North County Matrix - 7 seasons


I believe in the Brazilian way to play soccer - I like to let the players use their creativity, and at the same time give them tools to do it most efficiently. I use triangles and switching sides to open space looking for advantage to keep the possession.

Hometown:  Rio De Janeiro

Favorite Team:  Clube de Regatas do Flamengo


  • Grassroots 7v7 

  • Grassroots 9v9 

  • Grassroots 11v11 

  • US F License 

Coaching Experience

  • Projeto Educacao Esportiva UFRJ (Brazil 2013-2015)

  • Maria da Graca futebol clube (Brazil 2016-2017)

  • AYSO EXTRA – Palos Verdes (2017-2019)


Playing Experience

  • Coimbra Esporte Clube

  • Olaria Atletico Clube

  • Fluminense Footbal Club

  • ASCAER Club 

  • UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)


I focus on technique and cognition, asking players questions about what can be done all the time. I encourage them to think strategically about the game and the effectiveness of their actions.

Hometown:  Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

Favorite Team:  Atlético Paranaense


  • USSF National E

  • Federal University of Parana - Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education

Coaching Experience

  • Tetra Brazil Academy 2017-19

  • 2014 - Technical and administrative coordinator of the Olympic Talent Program of Paraná

  • 2011 - School coach at the Ball Seminary Soccer School (fut 7

  • 2010 - Municipal Sports and Leisure Secretariat of Curitiba (SMEL)


Playing Experience

  • Fut 7 soccer player from 2015 to 2017: PF7

  • Field Soccer: Boqueirão National, Paranaense Football Center

  • Futsal: Cultural Club, Clube Curitibano, Circulo Militar do Paraná, Decisivo School, Colégio Marista Paranaense, Armazém da Bola, Colégio Bagozzi,  UFPR

  • Federated futsal and field soccer player from 1997 to 2010


My goal is to provide a high quality, positive experience to every player and parent with a strong focus on the 80%/20% rule: 80% of the time is focused on long term development of players, 20% of the time is focused on shorter term team’s tactical needs.


  • USSF National D

  • Concussion Education Certificate - Dr. Reuben Echemendia

Coaching Experience

  • Seasons 2010 - 2018 North County Matrix Girls 2005 Elite

  • Seasons 2004 - 2009 AYSO Region 1505 San Elijo

Playing Experience

  • Paris Universite Club (France)

  • Paris FC (France)


I believe in the Brazilian way to play soccer. I let the players use their creativity but at the same time give them tools to do it in a better way. I use triangles and switching sides to open space looking for advantage and keep the possession. I love to create skillful confident players and watch them thrive!


  • USSF Grassroots 7v7

  • USSF Grassroots 9v9

  • USSF Grassroots 11v11

Coaching Experience

  • Elmhurst City Illinois 2018

  • Woodridge Storm, Illinois 2018

  • Euro FC  - Rochester, Minnesota 2017

  • Capital Feminina  - Women's Club in Brasília 2016

  • Cardim Sport Club - Brazil 2016

Playing Experience

  • University of Brasilia 

  • AABB Futsal Brasília

  • Capital Futebol Clube Brasília


I believe in a fun yet challenging environment that focuses on fundamentals such as ball skills with both feet. Confidence on the ball and speed of play will also be stressed along with quick decision-making, spatial awareness and other tactical concepts.


  • USSF National E

Coaching Experience

  • Seasons 2015 - 2018 North County Matrix Girls 2008

  • Seasons 1996 - 1998 Carlsbad Lightening (various teams)

  • AYSO Region 1505 San Elijo and San Marcos United - 4 Seasons

Playing Experience

  • Coastal Comets (2 years)

  • San Dieguito High School (4 years)

  • Encinitas Express (6 years)

  • Arena Soccer League (22 years)


I believe in creating a strong bond between the players with an emphasis on teamwork, mutual respect, dedication, and proper intent. Through agility and endurance training as well as skills training, I strive to prepare our players’ bodies and minds for the speed of today's modern game and beyond.


  • USSF National D

Coaching Experience

  • Seasons 2019 North County Matrix Boys 2005 and Boys 2006

  • Seasons 2015 - 2018 North County Matrix Boys 2005

  • Seasons 2018 - Girls 2000

  • AYSO Region 1505 San Elijo - 3 Seasons


I believe in the philosophy of coaching to the heart behind the jersey and “joga bonito” – to play beautifully. My goal is to develop great human beings through discipline, respect, and teamwork using a “3-Dimensional” approach.

1st Dimension = Fundamentals (Body)

2nd Dimension = Psychology (Mind)

3rd Dimension = Heart (Holism)

Soccer is my passion. With my training experience developing technical, strategic, and mental skills, I hope to cultivate this passion in our young players.

Licenses and Accreditations

  • Grassroots 7 v 7, 9 v 9 and 11 v 11 

  • USSF National E

  • Master’s Business Administration – Southern States University

Coaching Experience

  • SD ELI7E FC, San Diego County 2019

  • Haras Maledu, Sao Palolo, Brazil
    Federation Paulista of Society Football 2006-2007 (Professional - 2nd Division)

Playing Experience

  • Sao Paulo Futebol Clube, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Futsal 5 v 5)
    Pequeninos do Jockey, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2nd Place 1995 11 v 11)

  • Federation Paulista of Society Football – Haras Maledu, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2nd Division Turf 7 v 7)
    Top Scorer 2006

  • Southern States University (2nd Place College San Diego League 2009)


My motto is "Have fun, work hard, build character, be united.”


  • USSF National E

Coaching Experience

  • Seasons 2016 - 2018 North County Matrix Boys 2008

  • AYSO Recreational Soccer Coach - 6 Seasons

Playing Experience

  • Brigham Young University Men's Soccer Team


I’m a highly motivated and passionate soccer coach that enjoys working with children and have been doing so for the last 6 years. I aim to provide our youngest players with enjoyable, energetic, age appropriate sessions. It is my passion to develop young individuals into diligent and creative soccer players - preparing them for the next step in their soccer lives (both on and off the field).


  • USSF Grassroots “IP” Level - In Person 9v9 and 11v11 (formerly USSF E)

Coaching Experience

  • San Marcos Revolution 2008 Girls - 2 seasons

  • San Marcos Youth Soccer Boys U7 and Girls U7 - 4 seasons



  • USSF National D


Coaching Experience

  • North County Matrix Boys 2006

  • North County Matrix Boys 2011


As the Club's Executive Administrator, I am here to field your questions and concerns. I am responsible for making sure your team has all the organizational support it needs including managerial support, registration paperwork, uniforms, fundraising, player cards, spirit wear, and much more. Please reach out to me anytime.

Who I am

  • San Marcos Resident

  • Mom of two kids